2010 in Review

by alex_gaynor

Now that the decades almost over (or maybe not, if the millennium started in 2001 did the decade start then as well?), it's time for a little year in review:

  • Finished another year of school, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Went to PyCon, attended the language summit, gave a talk, had a blast.
  • Got an iMac.
  • Went to DjangoCon.eu, gave a talk, had a blast.
  • Went to PyOhio, gave a talk, had a blast (starting to sense a trend?).
  • Did GSOC again, this time working on a refactor of some of the ORM infrastructure for Django with an eye towards adding support for non-relational databases. It went pretty well, haven't started the merging yet though.
  • Went to a conference on education, gave a talk, had a blast.
  • Went to DjangoCon, wait for it... gave a talk, had a blast.
  • Turned 20.
  • Became a Django core developer.
  • Increased my contributions to PyPy.
  • Participated in the PyCon program committee.
  • Said thank you to a few people who were absurdly deserving of it.
  • Utterly failed at my attempt to blog once a week for a year, and then failed again at National Blog Post Month (aka NAMBLA).

I'm sure I'm forgetting tons of stuff, that's ok, it was a pretty good year either way. No predictions for 2011, just a hope that it'll kick some ass.

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