PyCon '09, Here I come!

This past year I attended PyCon 2008 in Chicago, which was a tremendous conference. I had a chance to meet people I knew from the community, listen to some amazing talks, meet new people, and get to sprint. As a result of this tremendous experience I decided for this year to submit a talk proposal. I found out just a few minutes ago that my proposal has been accepted.

I proposed a panel on “Object Relational Mapper Philosophies and Design Decisions”. This panel is going to look at the design decisions that each of several ORMs engaged, and what philosophies they had, but with respect to their public APIs and their internal code design. Participating in the panel will be:

I’m tremendously honored to be able to moderate a panel at PyCon, especially with these five individuals. They are all indcredibly smart, and they each bring a different insight and perspective to this panel.

PyCon is a great conference and I would encourage anyone who can to attend.