Django-filter 0.5 released!

I’ve just tagged and uploaded Django-filter 0.5 to PyPi. The biggest change this release brings is that the package name has been changed from filter to django_filters in order to avoid conflicts with the Python builtin filter. Other changes included the addition of an initial argument on Filters, as well as the addition of an AllValuesFilter which is a ChoiceFilter who’s choices are any values currently in the DB for that field. Despite the change in package name I will not be changing the name of the project due to the overhead in moving the repository (Github doesn’t set up redirects when you change a project’s name) and the PyPi package. I hope everyone enjoys this new release, as a lot of it’s improvements have come out of my usage on Django-filter in piano-man.

As for what the future holds several people have indicated their interest in the inclusion of django-filter in Django itself as a contrib package, and for usage in the Admin as a new implementation of the list_filter option that is more flexible. Because of this my next work is probably going to be on implementing a custom ModelAdmin class that uses FilterSets for filtering.

You can find the latest release on PyPi and Github.