House and Twitter

When I was younger, I started watching the TV show House M.D., and I really liked it. At some point my mom asked me if I was more sarcastic since I started watching the show. I said of course not, I’ve always been extremely sarcastic.

I was wrong. Watching House made being sarcastic cool.

Using Twitter makes being snarky and not putting thought into things cool. So I’m quitting Twitter. I’m already snarky and not-thoughtful enough, I don’t need something to incentivize it for me.

I’ll miss Twitter. Strange as it is to say, I’ve made many friends via Twitter, I’ve exposed myself to new perspectives, and I’ve laughed until it hurt. It’s not worth it though.

If you still want to chat with me, or, for some unknown reason, hear what I have to say, you can join ##alex_gaynor on freenode, follow this blog, or email me at