The West Wing Revisited: Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

Welcome to the second edition of “The West Wing Revisited”.

Today’s episode touched on a few different plot lines. First, a prominent Democratic senator agreed to leave Bill 443 in committee, since the White House didn’t like it. It’s never said what the substance of the bill was (my guess is social security or medicare related). In reality it would never become public that it was the White House which put the kibbosh on a bill like this, so this would probably be another “Democrats can’t get their shit together” news item.

The next element was the Ryder Cup team declining an invitation to the White House after the president told a joke about golfers. I have no idea how this one would play.

A prominent political consultant stops working for the aforementioned senator and joins the White House. Not newsworthy.

The Vice President has a weird quote about “AC-3C” (some sort of military project I assume). Mostly this is just weird, it’s hard to imagine how the press would cover it, there’s not a political angle, besides “weird”.

And finally, an Air Force transport in shot down by the Syrian Army, more on this next episode.

Overall this episode spends a lot of time establishing the characters' personal sides, and we all grow to love the president because he speaks Latin, nevertheless what the public sees seems to be entirely negative.