The West Wing Revisited: 20 Hours in L.A.

The President is taking a trip to Los Angeles! To get his day started right, a bill is introduced into congress to ban gays from serving in the military (we later learn that the West Wing universe presently has a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy). No one seems to take the bill very seriously.

There’s also a Senate vote on an ethanol tax credit, it looks like it’s going to be 50-50, which means the Vice President would have to break the tie. The President supports the bill, but the Vice President has a long history of opposition to the tax credit. Ultimately it breaks 53-47, against, saving the Vice President from needing to break the tie.

While in L.A., the President attends a meeting of civic leaders discussing a proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit flag burning.

The President finishes his trip with a fundraiser at Ted Marcus’s home (Marcus is a the president of a major television network, and a billionaire).