The West Wing Revisited: Six Meetings Before Lunch

After three months, Robert Mendoza is confirmed by the Senate as Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court.

The President’s nominee for Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights, wrote an endorsement for a book advocating slavery reparations for African-Americans in the US. This has made several members of the Senate Judiciary Committee upset. We don’t see any of his confirmation hearings, but we’re left with the impression that he’ll get the position.

In sadder news, Lum Lum, a panda bear at that National Zoo, died, and lots of American citizens want a new one.

Finally, a son of a major Democratic fundraiser was arrested for possession with intent to distribute at a George Town frat party, which Zoe also attended. Zoe tells a reporter for the Charleston Gazette that she didn’t know the kid was going to be at the party.